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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More Reviews for Afro Samurai
"What has attained perfection is the game’s soundtrack and voice over work. I have never heard a game with this much quality. The music in Afro Samurai is a combination of Eastern-themed samples and hip hop beats by composer Howard Drossin, with a few tracks getting solid raps from Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA. The songs are so good, in fact, I will be purchasing a copy of the soundtrack – it’s better music than the vast majority of hip pop out there."

Video Game Examiner:
"The score alone is worth it's own soundtrack. RZA and Drossin should be scoring more games."

Extreme Gamer:
"Drossin did an excellent job providing a fresh sound to the project in the way of backing tracks and hip-hop beats."

"...Kick-ass music (which is notably scored by Rza from Wu Tang Clan and Howard Drossin) that periodically had me stopping play just to listen to the beats.

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